Yes,Map2heal is 100 percent free for users. . We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need in the timeliest manner. The more updated and complete you keep your profile, the more you can make use of the advantages of Map2heal.
Healthcare providers who are partner with Map2heal become a part of world health tourism. Through our services they are able to present themselves in the world in 17 different languages, follow up with their patients and keep in contact with them. They will be able to use medical consent forms are prepared by Map2heal and reviewed vigorously by lawyers in native language of the patients. Healthcare providers have to pay a subscription fee in order to get benefits of these services. Furthermore advertisements that appear on the pages of doctors and healthcare professionals with free memberships also contribute to profits.
Yes, Map2heal provides services in 17 languages allowing you to easily find doctors and healthcare providers wherever you are in the world..Currently our services are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Danish, Russian, Dutch, Greek and Swedish.
Map2heal first appeared in the Middle East and Europe. Our system can be used in other countries where the provided 17languages are actively used.
Map2heal is a system that offers intermediate medical services to users based on patient’s preferences. In order to provide you the best service, you simply need to fill out the registration form completely. Once you have done , so you can follow your doctors and healthcare providers on your own network, communicate with them in your own language and send them test results (ex. Tomography, MRI, Angiogram, etc) without any charge. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, you can reach your doctor in your own language no matter where you are in the world. You can access and download up-to-date medical articles , journals, brochures and books through our search engine. You can find answers to any health related questions using our search function.
Map2heal provides a network incorporating healthcare providers, doctors, insurance companies and patients. In this network, you can directly communicate with any of these parties to get your answers of all the questions that you may have.You will also have access to information released by hospitals and healthcare professionals about your specific disease,, symptom and complaints. Furthermore, the system allows you to search for individual doctors, view their educational and academic past and view their publication records.
Using the advanced filter search of Map2heal, you can filter the search results of healthcare providers by their location, spoken language, accepted insurance company, area of expertise. You can also filter them by their level of activity within Map2heal. This way you can select health professional who is more active in the system, who can respond your questions possibly quicker.
Activity rate of a doctor or healthcare provider is a dynamic number derived from an algorithm that incorporates his/her level of activity in the Map2heal system through variables such as his/her response rate and timing of questions, the frequency at which he/she is sent test results, his/her blogs are read, thank you messages are sent and his/her profile is visited. Failure to show this type of activity in the system will cause a decrease in the value of that doctor’s or healthcare provider’s activity rate. If you wish, you may filter your search results of doctors and healthcare providers based on their activity rate.
Using a calculation method defined by health insurance companies, Map2heal provides you the best travel insurance quotes for the country you plan on traveling to. This way, you can choose the most appropriate and affordable health insurance.
Map2heal’s Risk Calculation Device calculates your health risk by relating your current health status and your current or intended location. This way, it is able to provide you a list of doctors and healthcare providers you may need to contact in case of an emergency. If you are using the Map2heal Mobile Application, the app will alert you about you region that is not avaiable for your current health status.
Map2heal never wants personal identifying information from users.. Your personal identifying information is stored in your account anonymously and is not shared with third person or companies without permission. The more complete your Map2heal profile is, the more you can take advantages of Map2heal.. The information that you provide in your profile allows the system to calculate your health risks during your travels or your current locations, also send you alerts about your location is unavailable for your health status, send you health insurance quotes and up-to-date information about disease and symptoms you identify in your profile. You can also view the profiles of other patients with similar illness and read about their stories.
Yes, Map2heal stores your personal health information without your personal identifying information and it does not share them with third persons or companies without your permission.
Map2heal is designed to enable you to communicate with your doctor in a faster and easier manner. By using our file transfer system and instant messaging module you can send your test results (ex. Tomography, MRI, Angiogram, etc) to your doctor and receive online medical advice.
Yes, When sending a file Map2heal first anonymous patient’s data or DICOM files (CT, MRI, Angio etc.) and then, transfers them all with the U.S. devised HIPAA HITECH technology. By this method data transfer occurs in an encrypted manner and only computers or mobile devices registered to the system can open them. An encryption algorithm, „End-to-End Security“ and a TCP protocol, „Three Way Handshake“ which are both meet E.U. standards of online medical file transfer are integrated in our system. All DICOM files (CT, MRI, Angio etc.) sent can be viewed by an FDA approved DICOM viewer created by our U.S. partner company, MedXT.
All sent message are delivered to healthcare professionals immediately without any charge, no matter where you are in the world. Map2heal, however, can’t guarantee an instant response to messages. Health professionals can respond to you, best fit time for their schedule.
You can enjoy all the opportunities mentioned above using Map2heal Mobile Application supported by Android and IOS operating systems. With this application, in case of an emergency, you can get in contact with the nearest doctor who speaks your language; call an ambulance, the police and profit from your embassy’s services. For instance, in case of an emergency Map2heal Mobile Application, can locate you using the GPS system in your mobile phone and direct you to the nearest health professional who speaks your language and provides urgent care. You can use this feature by configuring basic and advanced panic button features in your mobile application.
Map2heal calculates a risk value depending on user’s location. With this feature, it can list the most reachable doctors for you beforehand and prepare a risk map for your safety. The system also direct you to the nearest appropriate health professional in case of an emergency.
After you log in your account, you can reach the account settings and freeze or delete your account by clicking the icon on the right side of menu tab located at the top of the page. While this procedure takes place, Map2heal will want you to fill in a short satisfaction questionnaire to get your feedback.
After you have created an account and signed in, you can request an appointment from a specific doctor by locating their profile and clicking on “make an appointment”. Following this, your doctor will get in touch with you to confirm the appointment request. Even if your request form is sent in your own language, it will be transferred to the health professional in his/her own language. We remind you that Map2heal only carries your request to the healthcare provider and is not responsible for the confirmation of appointments. When sending a request, please make sure to include your email address and/or your mobile number, otherwise the request will not be considered.
Our team truly values your opinion, concerns and complaints. You can easily give us your feedback by filling out the feedback form in our contact link. When you need to report your concerns about a doctor or a health center, you can click on the “report” button to give us feedback. Map2heal team will work on your concerns as soon as possible.