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Medical Products/Devices

Introduce your services & products all over the world

You can market your product one by one. You can introduce your company all over the world through installing any kind of information about your products on this platform in 17 languages for benefits of users.

Online Ad. documents

All images, videos, brochures or user guides, scientific journals are only for one product. This an indispensable platform for doctors and patients. Everyday thousands of people research about your product and try to reach it.

17 language support

You can maximise export potential of your product with 17 different languages support. You can contact with your international customers in their own languages. You can make online marketing and sales with Map2heal.

Thermal Baths

Introduce your services all over the world

You can reach to people from all around the world and introduce cure methods of your Thermal Baths or Spa Centers. Thousands of health care seekers are searching on this subject via internet. Map2heal mediates those people to meet you.

Get client feedbacks and experiences

We are presenting Thermal Baths and Spa Centres in professional web. As distinct from website you can make contact with your customers in different language and you can strengthen your connection with them. Map2heal forward all the testimonial which come from your previous and happy customers to your potential customers.

Enterprise solutions

You can link your business website with map2heal for presenting your own logo or your own page to customers. Not only show your logo,you can also activate your advertisements and announcements in targeted country's main language.

  • Manage view ranks
  • Look for statistics
  • Take user reviews
  • Have a Campaign Page

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